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Nov/Dec 1989 – New Books & To Be Published

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Lives & Times

A Publication of the Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society

Volume  4 | Number 6 | November – December 1989

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The Daniell Family

Gladys <Privatized>, who joined the Smyrna Historical Society on July 28, 1988, is a descendent of Robert and Margaret Daniell, one of Smyrna’s pioneer families who moved to this area in the mid 1800’s.

Gladys, born in Atlanta, is the daughter of Ethel and Charles R. Turner Sr. She married Buren , August 8, 1954, and they had two children:  and .

Gladys’ mother, Ethel Turner is 91 years old and has been a visitor to our meetings. She too was born in Atlanta, March 27, 1898, but the family moved back to Smyrna when she was a small girl. She married her first husband Elmer Leonard Norton in December 1918. They had two children: Leonard Cole born in November, 1919 and died at birth. Their second child is <Privatized>.

Ethel’s second husband, as mentioned above was Charles R. Turner. They married on August 31, 1924. Their two children were <Privatized>

Mrs. Turner recalled her childhood in Smyrna. She said they lived in the family home on Concord Road, located in the area of what is now Bennett Woods north. Constructed in 1872, it was a one story brick house with a basement. The bricks were hand made from clay dug and fired on the property. The walls were about 18″ thick. Facing the house, directly in front there was a hall that went from front to back. On the left was a bedroom for company. On the right the first room was for ma and pa , the next room back was for the girls, and the back room was for the boys. The kitchen was behind the boys room and a large porch was at the rear of the house. The house was demolished several years ago.

There was not a lot for children to do back in those days, and for entertainment, Mrs. Turner’s father would gather up all the children in a horse drawn wagon, and take a trip to Powder Springs or Lithia Springs for a picnic.

She attended elementary school at what she referred to as the Daniell School (a little building near the Covered Bridge), and later she was a student at Smyrna High until the 9th grade. The school was located at the site of the present Masonic Lodge on West Spring Street.

She also recalls riding the horse and wagon to Maloney’s Spring Primitive Baptist Church in the area of what is now South Cobb and Austell Road, and Collins Spring Primitive Baptist Church just off South Atlanta Road about a half mile below what is now 1-285. Neither of these churches had a Sunday School, and usually preaching was only once a month. But most of the time the meeting lasted for two days on both Saturday and Sunday.

Her father was first a farmer who raised corn and cotton to sell in Marietta and Atlanta and other crops for their own use. He later worked for the NC & St. L. Railroad.

Mrs. Turner’s father was Pliney Frank Daniell, born August 25, 1867 in Smyrna. He was the eleventh of 16 children born to Robert Daniell, and the second of seven born to Robert’s second wife, Margaret Fleming.

Mrs. Turner’s mother was Frances (Fanny) Almira Carmichael, born January 6, 1868. She died July 30, 1910 from a reaction to drugs administered for an asthma attack. Pliney and Fanny married on August 25, 1889, and had nine children:

  • Ewell, born July 30, 1890;
  • Brent Loela, born Nov. 30, 1892;
  • Mazza David, born Dec. 18, 1894;
  • Robert Ewell, born and died March 28, 1896;
  • Ethel(already mentioned);
  • Carl Leonard born Apr. 22, 1900;
  • Pliney Franklin, Jr., born Nov. 2, 1902;
  • Alma Fanny, born May 16, 1905;
  • Jewell Elizabeth, born March 23, 1908.

Pliney Frank Daniell died July 20, 1919, and was buried in the Daniell Family cemetery located at the intersection of Cloudland Drive and Havilon Way in Bennett Woods. The land for this family cemetery was given by Robert Daniell, Pliney’s father. An inscription near the entrance to the cemetery says “This property 300 feet square deeded by Robert Daniell revised plat book Number 1, page 80 to the white citizens within 1 1/2 miles of same for cemetery purposes.”

Robert Daniell was one of Smyrna’s most prominent citizens in the mid 1800’s. He was born Feb. 2, 1813 and died June 21, 1881. There is some dispute as to when he actually came to Cobb County, but the traditional history says that it was about 1850 but the U. S. Census for that year showed him still living in Clark County, Ga. His brother-in-law William Barber (married Robert’s sister Rachel) moved to Cobb County in the 1830’s. Speculation is that William Barber told Robert and his brothers about the attributes of Cobb County and two of them settled here. Steven settled in the Mableton area (Ken Daniel a member of our Society and presently in Hawaii is descended from him) and Jeremiah located on the northern fork of Nickajack at what later became known as Benson’s pool.)

Two other brothers Alfred and Moses settled in Douglas County, and later Alfred moved to Alabama when he was 75 years old.

At any rate, sometimes in 1850 Robert Daniell sold his property between Athens and Bogart in Clark County and moved to Cobb. He located on the Nickajack Creek near where the Covered Bridge is and later he and Martin L. Ruff developed an industrial complex known as the Concord Woolen Mills, a grist mill fox flour and meal, and a saw mill, all powered by water from the creek. The woolen mill was constructed from stones from the banks and bed of Nickajack Creek and the ruins of three buildings stand today on private property not accessible to the general public.

The grist mill is still standing but the machinery was removed in the 1920’s. Society members Robert and Pat Roche own the property on which the mill is located. They purchased it from the Gordon Ruckart family in 1988.

The U. S. Census for Cobb County in 1870 showed Robert at 56 years old and his occupation was listed as Farmer. His total worth was listed at $24,800.(today’s equivalent of about $400,000.) He was living with his second wife Margaret Fleming, born Apr. 14, 1842(died June 28, 1914.) and their four children, his mother in law, Mary Fleming, and another female named Lucinda Gann.

He was said to be a very progressive farmer using methods and machines far ahead of his time and the first farmer in Cobb County to raise 100 bushels of corn on an acre of land.

In 1872 the Woolen Mill was sold to a group of Atlanta businessmen (Rice, Love, and Porter) and with some major and minor mishaps stayed in business until around 1910. The plant burned twice, and the dam broke once. Mrs. Judith Rice Lowry, a charter member of the Smyrna Historical Society is a descendent of the Mr. Rice who purchased the mill.

The mills provided employment for a number of people, and at one time manufactured 52 different kinds of jeans and cashmeres. In 1895 products from the mill won many prizes at the Atlanta Exposition. The area has recently been designated Cobb County’s first Historic District.

Robert Daniell and his first wife Naomi Burnett had nine children:

  1. Martha,
  2. Olive Ann,
  3. William P.,
  4. Catherine,
  5. Greenberry,
  6. George Lumkin, 
  7. Robert Putman,
  8. John Sidney and
  9. Pickney Young.

Robert and his second wife Margaret C. Fleming Daniell had seven children:

  1. David Patman,
  2. Pliney Franklin,
  3. Mary Naomi,
  4. Jesse Layden,
  5. James Jordan,
  6. Ida, and
  7. Amanda Jane (Jennie).

 Robert was an Elder in the Primitive Baptist Church and often preached at both Maloneys Spring and Collins Spring Churches.

Robert is also said to have been a partner with M. L. Ruff in providing Smyrna with it’s first brick commercial building. It was known as the Smyrna Boy’s Academy. At the beginning of the War Between the States it was turned into a training school for officers of the Confederate Army but that was only for a few weeks. Camp McDonald was ultimately established at Kennesaw to train officers. Later the building was used once again as a school, a Presbyterian Church, a school again, and then a Masonic Hall. This is the same building in which Mrs. Ethel Turner attended high school as mentioned above.

Another of Robert’s sons, James Jordan Daniell became a well known Judge in Cobb County and a school in North Cobb County is named for him.

Herman Daniell, a descendent of the Mableton Daniell’s is presently a member of the Cobb County Board of Tax Assessors.

Robert’s parents were William and Mary Melton Daniell. William and his first wife, Rachel, had seven children:

  1. William,
  2. Elizabeth,
  3. Nathanel, 
  4. Rebecca,
  5. Isaac, and
  6. George.
  7. [7th not listed in original article.]

William married his second wife, Mary Melton January 11, 1787. Mary was just 17 years old at the time and younger than five of her step children. They had thirteen children:

  1. Rachel,
  2. Josiah,
  3. Susannah,
  4. Jeremiah,
  5. Eleanor,
  6. Beadon,
  7. Masters,
  8. Clarissa,
  9. Alfred,
  10. Steven,
  11. Moses,
  12. Robert, and
  13. Olive.

All total, William and his two wives had 20 children. Traditional history says there were 27 children by William, but Mrs. Leslie B. Clark of Dallas, Texas, a family researcher, in 1937, said she was able to locate only 24. (She did not name them.)

William was a Revolutionary soldier and had been born in New Hanover County, North Carolina. His parents were John and Sarah Raven Daniell.

Writing in May, 1932, J. J. Daniell (James Jordan) said: “Regarding grandfather William I know little. As a child I heard the older people say that grandfather was a ship owner and they said he had a powerful voice that could be heard sometimes five miles down the river. Great grandfather John may have also been a ship owner. I do not know when grandfather moved from South Carolina to Georgia. His will is on record in the Ordinary’s office, Clarke County, Ga. and proven and ordered recorded at the November term of court, 1840.

John Daniell married Sarah Raven on January 23, 1736 and they had seven children:

  1. John,
  2. Robert
  3. Maru
  4. Elizabeth
  5. William,
  6. George, and
  7. Stephen.

John’s parents were Robert and Martha Wainwright Daniell. Robert was born in Warwick County, Va. and was Colonial Governor of South Carolina. They had three other children besides John: Sarah, Martha, and Ann.

Robert’s father was Roger Daniell, Jr. He and the Senior Roger came to the colonies from Barbados in 1644 accompanied by his kinsman Miles Cary. Roger Daniell, Jr. and his two brothers John and Wilbert Daniell fled to Barbados in August, and they reached America and Port Royal Island in South Carolina the following November. Roger, Jr. became military commander and Deputy Governor of North Carolina and Acting Governor of South Carolina in 1717. He lived on Daniell Island near Charleston, South Carolina. He died on May 17, 1718.

An excerpt from a book entitled Eminent Georgians, published in 1937 by Southern Society for Research and History said of the Daniell family: “The Daniell Family of Georgia…is a branch of one of South Carolina’s most distinguished families. The family originally came from England where its genealogy is traceable to the Knights of the Norman conquest. The name was originally spelled DeAnvers and down through the centuries was changed first to Danyell and then to the present spelling of Daniell. There is a family tradition that on account of a political issue over which two brothers differed one dropped an L from the name, and they agreed that “henceforth they would be no kin.”. This tradition appears to be founded in the division among the English people at the time of Cromwell. The Daniells of Virginia claim that their ancestor supported Cromwell, so it must be that the ancestors of the Daniells were loyal to his king.”

Hundreds of descendents of the Daniell’s reside in Smyrna and Cobb County today and,many of them are still debating whether to, use one or two L’s.

However they spell it, their contributions to the development of the county have been and continue to be significant.


Visiting Our Past – Nov/Dec 1989

As Researched by Betty Smith

From the Smyrna Herald, Neighbor, Marietta Journal & Cobb County Times


11-7-1889: Subscription to the Marietta Journal is $1.00 per year – in advance. Signed J.J. Payne, Agent for Smyrna.

11-14-1889: On Thursday evening last, the Baptist Church was crowded by a large audience to witness the marriage of Mr. J. J. Eubanks of Smyrna to Mrs. Ida L. Young of this place. Mrs. Arthur Springer presided at the organ and as the sweet strains of music fell upon listening ears, the bridal couple entered the church preceded by Prof. H. L. Sewell and Dr. Hurt and the ushers Joe P. Leggy, Col. R. N. Holland, Prof. T. D. Power and R. N. Ormond. The officiating Minister was Rev. Geo. S. Tumlin. The merry guests were served dinner at the Kennesaw House and the couple left on the train to Florida to spend several weeks on their honeymoon.

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Cobb County Deaths – Sep 1 thru Oct 31, 1989

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